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We are a small creative agency of deep thinkers dedicated to creating superb work that is well thought through, fresh and beautifully executed. We don’t want to be another agency that claims to be an expert at everything. We stick to what we know we can deliver and we make sure we do it with professionalism and flair.

Our team is comprised of a talented mix of designers, art directors, copywriters and client service, and is led by Adam Levin, who has been in the business for 17 years working at top agencies creating work for many well loved brands.

What can

we deliver?

  • Promotional strategy
  • Concept creation
  • Advertising campaigns - across both traditional and digital platforms
  • Branding & logo development
  • Brochure and report design
  • Packaging design
  • Content creation for blogs and social media
  • User interface design for web and mobile
  • Newsletters and mailers




the team


With 17 years in the advertising business, Adam's work has included creative direction on some of the SA’s most loved brands as well as experience on the marketing side of business..


First a thinker, then a writer, Paula has a background in journalism, magazine editing and has authored 2 books. She has landed a cushy job working as a copywriter for her husband Adam, and no longer needs permission slips to dash to gym, coffee and school lifts.

DESIGNERTshepo Molise

Tshepo’s career as a designer began with a horrible advert - not his own! But one so foul that this young, ambitious creative decided to make the world a far prettier place. And that he has - both with his design, as well as his warm smile and easy-going attitude. Tshepo has a passion for typography and illustration and admits to being obsessed with video. On weekends he prefers a quiet picnic with his fiancé and family to wild parties.


The newest member of our team is blue-eyed dynamo Ronit Mograbi who brings 20 years of agency and marketing experience to Brandsmiths. With roots in big agencies like Saachi & Saachi, Hunt Lascaris, Jupiter Drawing Room and Black Khaki, Ronit has worked on the client service side of major brands but she also spent several years in marketing. Combining both perspectives allows Ronit to think big and add value to our clients while retaining a meticulous attention to detail on every brief. In her free time, Ronit loves exploring museums, wine tasting and travel.

DESIGNERMegan Smanjak-Downer

Megan has always had a flair for art and studied it in high school. Since graduating from the Greenside Design Centre, she has invested her heart and soul into perfecting her craft and learning new skills in graphic design. "I love teaching myself new things, and I'm obsessed with efficiency." Megan is very close to her large and extended family and is proudly Yugoslavian, right down to the beautiful tattoos adorning her hands and fingers, which reflect her family's faith and heritage. In her spare time, Megan can either be found running or cycling out in nature, or working on content for her own design brand, the Wondery.


Chris is the youngest member of our team. Born in Bulawayo, he got interested in design when creating the cover for his rap album - "The Come-up". Rapping, mixing and mastering didn't end that well, "we got booed", but opened up a whole new career and it sure beats his other options: agriculture or electronics! Chris started watching Photoshop tutorials online, spending hours honing his craft. His grit, focus and raw creative talent should take him far.



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